We’re Looking for Professionals

Our recruiting selection process is very thorough. An average of one from eleven applicants is accepted. The process involves the following screening steps:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • 10-Year Employment history verification
  • Personal references check
  • Drug testing

The hiring process is otherwise very straight forward. You will submit an application either in person at our Fremont office or online at this web page. One of our recruiters will contact you to ask pre-screen questions which establish your experience and availability. You may be contacted later to schedule a panel interview at our Fremont office. After the interview, we will review our available positions and determine if we have a match for your capabilities. If you are selected for hire from our large pool of candidates, then you will be given an official offer and instructions for attending our New Hire Orientation. After that, you will be given a working schedule and uniforms to begin your exciting career with us.

Do you not have a CA guard card?

Photo credit: Image from California BSIS

We are not a school and we do not provide guard training classes to the public. However, you may still apply through the normal application process as if you had a guard card. If we decide to conditionally hire you, then we may provide training at no cost to you and submit your application to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), and then you would then be responsible for your Livescan fingerprinting. Then 4-6 weeks later (or as soon as your guard card is approved by BSIS) we will complete the hiring process to join our team.

Apply Today

Attaching a file is completely optional. At the bottom of this form is a button to upload a file with your application. You may submit a cover letter or resumé as any type of text file. We accept plain text, rich text, PDF, and MS Word based files. Please do not submit a picture with your application.

I authorize investigation of all matters contained in this application and agree that if any misrepresentation has been made by me herein, or if the results of such investigation are not satisfactory, then any offer of employment may be withdrawn, or my employment terminated immediately without any obligation or liability to me, other than for payment, at the rate agreed upon for services actually preformed if I have been employed.
I authorize all persons, schools, company’s, corporation credit bureaus, former employers, and law enforcement agencies to supply any information concerning my background and release them from all liability and responsibility for their doing so.
I understand all appointments are probationary, during which time I must demonstrate my fitness for continued employment. I further certify that all statements made by me on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
By submitting this application you are electronically signifying that the above information is true and that you agree with the terms of submission.
If you prefer to turn in a physical copy of the application, then you may Click Here to download a PDF version.